Everybody (just about) Loves Pocky!

I find it strange that there is like this snack cult about Pocky. To put it in the most plain terms: it is icing on a stick. I like Pocky. It is good. I do not covet it though or claim allegiance to Glico for making it. HOWEVER, in saying all that, I won't hesitate to cater to the whims of All pocky lovers everywhere. I love you guys.

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You Are Banana Pocky

Your attitude: fun and lighthearted
Unique and unforgettable
You are cutie everyone falls for


Toyama Koichi

Japanese election campaign speeches: subtitled for your enjoyment (Video) » Japan Probe

I found this site after watching the Toyama Koichi video. If you do know who he is then don't bother watching the video. If you DON'T know who he is then you should know that he is a mad man and probably wouldn't last a night in western countries. Anyway, anyone preaching anarchy isn't in their right mind in my opinion but everyone is entitled to their opinions. Also included in the linked site are other odd politician/candidate type peoples.


Cherry Blossom Season!

It is cherry blossom season in Japan. The entire country explodes with these gentle flowering trees. The blue sky seems to rain down sweet cherry blossom petals and for once spring is gorgeous and alluring. When looking down a row of Sakura trees it is as if God has released pink snow to only be caught by these trees.

The word for cherry blossoms in Japanese is Sakura. This is also a popular girls name. I do not think there could be a sweeter word to describe these delicate and precious trees and wonderful girls.

According to Wikipedia, there are over 305 species in Japan alone! Other sites have it listed as being slightly over 100 species. Also, the most famous and cherished specie is the Somei Yoshino. It is the snow white- yet tinged pink variety that basically the world knows.

Cherry Blossoms are so loved that there are viewing parties called Hanami. At these viewing parties groups of people spread blankets or so and sit under the trees enjoying the view that surrounds them. This is done mostly during the day but in many places lights are strung through the trees for night viewings and social gatherings in parks and such. There tends to be a lot of good food and flowing alcohol shared among friends. To me, it is one way that the country gets together and celebrates the birth of spring.

Sakura Facts

~ It is said that in the Gifu Prefecture there is a famous tree that is over 1500 years old

~A National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place each year in Washington D.C.

~ has over 76,605 pictures labeled as 'Sakura' for your viewing pleasure! Okay it isn't a fact but it is a way to see these gorgeous trees.


Official Website of the National Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington D.C.

Spring Flowers of Japan

Cherry Blossom Princess Headquarters

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