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For those of you who enjoy perusing Japanese websites but cant (or don't) fully understand what the site is talking about, I present to you RIKAI.COM. This genius site is a godsend for many of us who know no Japanese or are learning but haven't quite got the kanji down yet.

At plug in the website you want translated and watch the magic as you go through the site and have kanji broken down for you in English, its meaning and hiragana/katakana for us learners.

Please take a look below!

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Also, for Firefox users there is a plugin to where you don't have to access the site to get the Japanese goodness you can get it straight from your browser. Check here for it:


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Photo by David Vasquez

Gyōza or, Jiaozi in Chinese, is a pan-friend dumpling that is served in Japanese & Chinese restaurants in Japan. Let's not forget that they're in the grocery stores too. You probably have seen them on menus as potstickers as well. Recently, I have been craving these dumplings like none other. Stuffed with pork, chicken or veggies, these things are fantastic with a sweet chili sauce or a light soy sauce. I have seen them devoured with a spicy mustard too. What is so great about these dumplings? The flavor. The pan-seared crisp outside. The amazing veggie to meat combination. I am trying not to drool as I type. I actually have pictures of these dumplings on my screensaver to remind me of the goodness Japan has to offer. I didn't discover gyōza until I arrived in Japan and a friend ordered them. They are bliss and I want about 12 of them to eat right now!

If you want to read up more about gyōza check out the sites below. Let me know if you make them. I WILL be right over!

Wikipedia: Jiaozi/Gyoza

Random blog: Is My Blog Burning? Gyoza dumplings


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Thank you for your interest in Japan. I hope to post information and links that will help you discover a passion for Japan, her people, the food and the language. Please have a look around and find something new about glorious Japan!